Social Media Strategy.

social media strategy is an essential part of a growth plan, which includes a content calendar, several automation tools to post, design, track performance metrics, and much more.

All businesses need to create a social media plan to operate business social accounts in order to create new leads, conversions, and generate a customer care environment.

If you’re not actively involved in social media trying to get leads, customers, and referrals. You must be aware that your competitors and a big segment of your customers already are.

Social Media Strategy | Social Media Plan

Social Media Strategy Features

Social Media is not only about posting. It is about increasing trust and authority

Social Media Plan

Social media plan defines and segment targets touse social media platforms to build awareness, generate leads, and improve sales. It is important to have a content calendar to organize the Social Media Management and Design Teams.

Social Media Network

Social media networks like Twitter or Linkedin are focused on the association with professionals and Brands (companies, businesses) on the web. These are used to get social awareness, relationship building, lead generation, customer success, and conversion.

Media Sharing Network

Media sharing networks like Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, or Tiktok allow businesses to share images and videos.
Most of these sites also offer features, like the ability to create business profiles to capture leads or redirect customers to your web.

Social Media Forums

Social Media Forum has a great impact to build organic backlinks, creating high-quality content “outside your website” to get a reliable authority about your business, product or services.
Some sites are Reddit, Quora, or Digg

Visual Blog & Bookmarking

As Flipboard and Pinterest are used by 69% of Women and Dudepins by 79% Men, it is important to get attention in these Visual Blogs to stand out of the crowd, which normally uses the same kind of Social Network without notice of the potential 500 Million users.

Review Networks

Review networks like Yelp, Trip Advisor, and GMB let people review, and share information about Stores, Products, and Services. Reviews show possible customers information to convince them, or not, about your products and services. Also, let you know how to improve their experience