What Is Copywriting? (2021)

When you combine effective sales techniques with the written word, you have the art of copywriting
Copywriting is the art of creating content designed to convince readers to take a specific action, such as to buy your online course, subscribe to your email list , join a free webinar, or any other next step you want them to take. (kajabi.com)
When you combine effective sales techniques with the written word, you have the art of copywriting. The term copy refers to text displayed in print or online. (compose.ly)
In the advertising business, the words used to promote a product, service or brand are also called copy. When you pick up a magazine and start reading one of the advertisements, you are reading advertising copy. When you leaf through a product brochure, you are reading brochure copy. When you read a product page on an e-commerce website, you are reading copy. (sharpecopy.com)
Do you know that TV commercial you just watched before the evening news? A copywriter wrote the script for that commercial.
How about the brochures you picked up at the local home and garden show? Yes, copywriters wrote those too.
What is copywriting
And the content on that website you just visited? One or more copywriters likely wrote the content on every single page of that site. (thebalancesmb.com)
Copywriting is re-arranging words to make things sell better. It is a text form of salesmanship. But there’s a lot more to it than that. (kopywritingkourse.com)
Copywriting is like a call-to-action, but on a bigger scale: Copywriters are trying to get people to feel, think, or respond — or, ideally, to Google the slogan or brand to learn more about the campaign. And where a blog post like this one has the luxury of hundreds of words with which to make a case, copywriters only have a few words to make their case. (blog.hubspot.com)
By now, you know that copywriting is important, but do you know just how important? These statistics prove just how relevant copywriting is to brands. These can help you understand the big push for copywriters that have sprung up in recent years.

1. The top 3 results in Google earn 60% of all organic clicks

The top few places on Google’s SERPs are coveted. Ranking here ensures visibility for a brand and can significantly increase the number of leads and the amount of traffic that a brand receives in a given month. Unfortunately, many brands don’t understand how to get here.
Luckily, professional copywriting can help. Through high-quality content creation, SEO optimization, unique topics, and a bulletproof content strategy, a professional copywriter can develop a plan for ranking well for a given set of keywords or topics a skill that many companies need to grow their followings.

2. 50% of all mobile searches are local

For brands with a local presence, copywriting may be a life-or-death matter. While the majority of mobile users are searching for local brands, most local brands don’t understand how to reach mobile users. This, in turn, results in a confusing and stressful experience for mobile searchers and lost revenue for local companies.
Professional copywriters are well-versed in local SEO and can help businesses make the changes they need to ensure that their content ranks well for and meets the needs of local searchers.
This, in turn, can result in more traffic for the local business, and a more satisfying search experience for mobile users.

3. Leads gained from SEO have a 14.6% close rate

Leads that come to a company via means of SEO close at a much higher rate than those obtained through outbound methods like direct mail. This is one of the main incentives for businesses to hire copywriters. In addition to the fact that copywriting efforts are much more affordable than outbound advertising methods, they’re also more effective and result in a bigger bottom line for the company in question.
Source: (expresswriters.com)

4. Marketers that prioritize blogging are 13x as likely to earn a positive ROI than non-bloggers

Blogging is a fantastic way to reach out and connect with would-be customers, and it’s often all a company needs to revolutionize its content strategy. Unfortunately, many businesses are too busy or just lack the skill to create blog content in-house. This is why the skills of professional copywriters are so needed. By developing and populating a blog with reputable, high-quality content, a good copywriter can help a company strengthen its brand voice and provide additional value to customers.

5. When marketers blogged daily, 82% of them earned new customers

Blogging daily is a smart business strategy, but it’s also difficult to keep up with. Left to their own devices, many companies fall behind their blogging schedule and fail to provide real and dependable content for their readers. By hiring a copywriting professional, a company has a better chance of keeping up with its blogging goals and enjoying the positive returns of doing so offers.